Welcome to McPhy-Waterfuel

McPhy-Waterfuel is the McPhy Energy member company responsible for the markets in Middle East, Africa and India.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, McPhy-Waterfuel is a JV between McPhy Energy and Group International.

McPhy-Waterfuel provides hydrogen engineering services and supply of a significant product line that includes electrolyzers, hydrogen refueling stations, solid storage and other gas integrated solutions. McPhy modular systems generate hydrogen at low and high pressures that can be integrated with modular storage to satisfy any type of hydrogen demand, from small units to large installations where hundreds or thousands of Nm3/h (or multi-MW solutions) are needed. With a wide range of products and services dedicated to zero emission mobility, industrial hydrogen and hydrogen energy markets, McPhy provides turnkey solutions to its clients. These solutions are tailored to their applications: fuel cell/hydrogen vehicles refueling, raw material for industrial sites, renewable energy surplus storage and valorization.

For more info visit the full site www.mcphy.com